By Aly Semigran
July 27, 2011 at 06:41 PM EDT
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Despite the fact that she announced her split from fiancé Jesse James over Twitter on Tuesday and the season premiere of her reality series LA Ink — which airs Thursday night at 10 p.m. on TLC – -was going to chronicle their now-defunct engagement, Kat Von D really didn’t want to talk about the break-up. At least, not with the fun times gang over at Good Day LA.

After Jillian Barberie and Co. showed a clip from the new season of LA Ink that featured Von D showing James one of her (many) tattoos, the 29-year-old stormed off the set (or as she explained on Twitter, “I walked out because of your disrespectful intro you guys ‘snuck’ in.”) Von D also tweeted, “Dear Good Day L.A, Thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning. Lack of compassion and respect for each other never fails to disappoint me.”

Still, the abrupt walk-off and tweet stunned the Good Day LA anchors (who, as The Soup will often happily point out are, if nothing else, serious journalists). In the moments following, Barberie responded on the air that Von D should have taken issue with TLC for sending over the clip in question. “We were just trying to promote your show,” she said, adding, “We sympathize that you broke up, but of course we were going to ask about it.” Good Day LA released a statement which read, “When we booked the segment there was only one caveat. We agreed to NOT talk about Sandra Bullock or Michelle McGee. If one of the stipulations was to NOT talk about her breakup with Jesse James, we never would have agreed to the booking. However, that was never requested.” Watch the full clip here in which the Good Day LA trio debate whether the reality star is being a hypocrite or simply brokenhearted.

Naturally, there was no settlement and Von D and Barberie spent the rest of their morning trying to get the last word in, as Barberie tweeted, “Well her company sent the clip!! Crazy Kat fight!” and Von D shot back, “@askjillian ps. Publicly disrespecting people for the sake of better ratings isn’t something a person of compassion does. Good day..”

What do you think of Kat Von D ditching Good Day LA, PopWatchers? (I like to imagine when she did she yelled, “I said good day, sir, er.. Good Day LA!” on the way out.) Do you think she had a right to be upset or she should have expected her split from Jesse James would come up on the show? Let us know in the comments section.

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