A day after the Toronto Film Festival announced that it would host the North American premiere of The Ides of March, Columbia Pictures released a mesmerizing poster for director George Clooney’s political drama, starring Clooney, Ryan Gosling, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. “Is This Man Our Next President?” asks the cover of TIME magazine that Gosling’s campaign press secretary holds up in the poster. His face perfectly mirrors that of his boss, Clooney’s ambitious presidential candidate. Take a look. (UPDATE: So did TIME give its blessing to have the magazine featured in the poster? Says a spokesperson, “We gave the studio permission to use the TIME image. TIME is an iconic brand, we get many of these requests, as you’d imagine, and we turn many of them down. But, in this case, the use of the image is consistent with our brand, and it’s so visually compelling that we were delighted to allow them to use it.”)

The film takes place during Ohio’s Democratic presidential primary, and Gosling’s aide gets involved in a political scandal that could undermine his boss’ chances for the White House. Clooney also told USA Today, which has a collection of Ides photos, that he initially planned to make the movie, based on the play Farragut North, in 2008, but he decided the country was in too hopeful a mood during President Obama’s campaign for this cynical tale. “Now the cynicism seems to have come back,” he said.

This seems to be the perfect project for Clooney, who famously adores the complex, contrarian films of the 1970s — like Network and Three Days of the Condor — and his cast is amazing. (Hoffman and Paul Giamatti! Methinks they’ve probably auditioned for the same role once or twice over the years, so it will be thrilling to get to see them together in the same movie.)

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