Kelly Rowland | BE 'HERE' NOW Rowland steps out of Beyoncé's shadow on her bumping third album

Here I Am

Rowland just might be the Jennifer Aniston of R&B: Years after splitting with an A-list ?partner (in this case, ?ex-groupmate Beyoncé), she’s stuck with an underdog rap she doesn’t deserve. Her third solo album, Here I Am, proves that Ms. Rowland is doing just fine on her own, thank you; it’s a solid if unambitious set of medium-hot finger snappers highlighted by the lusciously slinky top 20 hit ”Motivation” and the robo-groove of ”I’m Dat Chick,” on which she brags, ”Yeah, I be the one that they love to mention.” If she learns to take a few more risks, that may just end up being true. B

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Instant gay anthem Commander
Cocky come-on Lay It on Me

Here I Am
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