Credit: Steven Lippman

Eddie Cibrian, star of NBC’s new fall drama The Playboy Club, is, one must admit, an excellent model for Charisma, a luxury home brand that includes bedding, robes, bath rugs, and towels. For the fall 2011 campaign, he was photographed in bed, of course, and while those shots are worth looking at (check them out here, along with a behind-the-scenes video in which Cibrian is half-naked but hearing compliments like, “Look at those sheets! Ohmygod!”), it’s the bathtub shots that make me happy. I love when male celebrities agree to be photographed in a bathtub because it always feels so random even if it isn’t. See: Colin Firth and David Boreanaz. Therefore, I’m adding Cibrian’s shoot to my list of Great Pop Culture Moments in Bathtubs, which, my editor Mike Bruno said I could blog “only if you include the ‘When Doves Cry’ video, which starts with doves opening double doors to a purple misty room containing Prince in a tub. As Morris Day would say, ‘So sexy!'” So, we have that. What else should be on this list? Other colleagues have nominated Fatal Attraction, Scarface, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Pretty Woman. Off the top of my head, my submissions would include:

Bull Durham. As Annie would say to Crash, “Oh my.”

Out of Sight. George Clooney looks great in that light.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I just like how fresh Moaning Myrtle is. And let’s be honest, a bathroom is the WORST place to haunt, so she deserves moments like this.

True Blood: Eric waits for Bill.

The Vampire Diaries: This is the reason you build new sets.

• Would the The Money Pit Count?

Your turn.

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