Michael Jackson
Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos

After a sad, strange turn of divisive events for the Jackson family, Michael Jackson fans will likely be left waiting once again for their thriller of a tribute concert to take shape: Michael Jackson’s estate management has released a statement denying their support for an MJ tribute concert that was supposedly in the works.

In a news conference Monday, Jackson’s siblings Marlon, LaToya and Tito had, along with their mother Katherine, announced an Oct. 8 tribute event to be held in Cardiff, Wales, called “Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert.” But just hours after the press conference, according to the New York Times, representatives from Jackson’s estate announced they had never authorized the use of Jackson’s name for the concert.

A second blow to the tribute effort arrived when Michael Jackson’s brothers Jermaine and Randy stepped up to say they would not support the event because of its date—uncomfortably, the concert would occur during the criminal trial of Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter in his death. The brothers said in a statement that while they wholeheartedly support the idea of it, “We feel that the most important tribute we can give to our brother at this time is to seek justice in his name.”

Sadly, this wouldn’t be the first time a Michael Jackson tribute concert has been announced then sent back to the drawing board. The King of Pop’s family had a run-in with actual blood nobility in August 2009, just weeks after Jackson’s death, when Austrian concert promoters publicly announced that a tribute concert would be held that fall in Vienna at the at the palace home of the Austrian royal family. British news outlet The Daily Telegraph reported that the promoters had hinted at a star-studded lineup including the likes of Madonna, U2, Whitney Houston and Lionel Richie. But after supposed headliners Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown pulled out of the lineup— to the chagrin of incensed ticketholders — the concert was first postponed and then, bizarrely, never materialized.

With this latest development in the Jackson family’s troubled saga, will this latest effort at a King of Pop tribute actually emerge? Weigh in, Music Mix fans. Will Michael’s legendary contributions to pop music finally get the commemoration they deserve?