This new trailer for November's Happy Feet Two is a terrifying look at the state of our world. The Pulp Fiction music is hurling Robin Williams into the sea one count too soon; sparkly penguins are bringing sexy back and enunciating "Take it to the chor-us" a little too carefully; the overarching purpose of life is to dance; and KILLER SEALS!

It looks like Elijah Wood's penguin has a son now, and the son wants to fly. But my overwhelming takeaway from this hallucinatory mélange is that the dangling nose-penis on that all-knowing walrus-tapir hybrid (?!) looks (and probably feels — I'm dying to know) like those weird rubber toys that were like long doughnuts with illusory holes. Right? And the whole point of them was to let them sift through your unclenched fist again and again and again? Check out the trailer below:

Update: Those toys are called Wonder Wieners, or sometimes Water Wigglies or water snakes. Thanks, Twitter!

But seriously what if that thing was just hovering over you, threatening to swallow you up all the time? On the one hand, ewwwww; on the other, what a way to go. Right? You guys?