By Jeff Labrecque
Updated July 26, 2011 at 09:14 PM EDT

Alec Baldwin was positively Reaganing on Twitter this afternoon. It was a “magic zone of error-free” tweeting, as the 30 Rock star fielded questions for parts of six hours. Q: Who was your first movie crush? A: Raquel Welch. Q: Best pizza in NYC? A: Brothers in Fresh Meadows, Queens. Q: What’s for lunch? A: A lettuce-tomato sandwich on white bread, with a large helping of mayo. Then, some Tang.

Most of the inquiring tweets that Baldwin chose to respond to were the opposite of penetrating: favorite reality show (Hoarders), favorite Meryl Streep movie (Out of Africa), favorite Aimee Mann song (“Wise Up”). But I found his answer to, “What film starring yourself has made you feel the most proud?” most interesting. He went with The Hunt for Red October, instead of more critically esteemed movies like Miami Blues or The Cooler, a perfect little film for which he was nominated for an Oscar (although perhaps he deemed his role as a nasty casino boss not “starring” enough for this particular question).

But paint me pleased by his embrace of Red October. I adore the deep-sea thriller — which holds up more than 20 years later — and I think his Jack Ryan is unquestionably the best. Obviously, though, he must have mixed feelings. He’s talked extensively about that acting experience and his subsequent replacement by Harrison Ford, so it’s comforting to learn that it’s not tainted by some sense of disappointment. After all these years, Baldwin seems to have come to grips with what happened, and even if he never became a Ford or Costner or Cruise, his thriving career continues to be full of diverse roles and pleasant surprises.

Did you expect Baldwin to name The Hunt for Red October as the film he’s most proud of? If not, which movie would you have nominated?

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