Well, at least Paramount got a full day of headlines saying Captain America: The First Avenger scored the best superhero opening of the summer! (Fortunately, I resisted the urge to write that!)

Early estimates claimed that Cappy earned $65.8 million over the weekend — conveniently $100,000 higher than Thor‘s $65.7 million debut in May — but final numbers for the film lower that number just a bit to $65.1 million.

That’s still a huge gross, and much higher than the debuts of X-Men: First Class ($55.1 million) or Green Lantern ($52.3 million), just not as big as Thor. Granted, Thor received a lot more of its business from 3-D showings (60 percent of its opening weekend gross vs. 40 percent for Captain) and IMAX screens, and, notably, Captain America actually led the Norse god in terms of attendance.

But when it comes to actual dollars earned, Norse gods > American soldiers > mutants > green, light-wielding guardians of the universe.

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