Say what you will about Ryan Gosling — I usually say things like, “Oooh, handsome. So very, very handsome” — but you’ve got to give the guy credit: He sure knows how to make for a memorable talk show appearance. The actor spent the past week-and-a-half making the rounds on the gab fest circuit to promote his latest flick, the near-perfect romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, which opens next Friday. And while the movie doesn’t need to sell us (they had us at “Photoshopped” abs) Gosling certainly did his duty to pitch the movie to the masses.

Gosling made a great first impression at the Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, July 13 when he shared stories about his days of living in a trailer park in Florida and how legendary actor Peter O’Toole hit on his sister at the Oscars.

Letterman is no easy guy to please, but you could tell he got a kick out of the 30-year-old’s tales and the two had effortless banter. But the best moment came when Letterman pulled out a clip from Gosling’s earlier days in the epically cheesy Young Hercules. After watching Gosling’s mixed reaction of sheer embarrassment and amusement, we just may have to do our Favorite Ryan Gosling Performance poll over.

Of course, Gosling was just as entertaining this week as he continued the couch carousel, with stops at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Today Show. On Fallon, he — along with his adorable, Mohawk-sporting, apple-eating dog George — (over)shared a horrific story about winding up with a masseur’s hairy belly in his mouth at a Turkish bath.

While on The Today Show, he gave Al Roker the time of his life by reenacting the classic lift move from Dirty Dancing.

Now you can see why Jon Stewart was disappointed that Gosling didn’t stop by The Daily Show (forcing him to settle for Gosling’s Crazy, Stupid, Love co-star, some fellow named Steve Carell. Bummer.)

Tell me, PopWatchers, which Ryan Gosling talk show appearance/moment was your favorite? Is he officially now your favorite “Canadian Ryan,” and the heavy betting favorite for People‘s Sexiest Man Alive next year?

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