AMC’s The Walking Dead season 2 trailer has arrived! It’s more than four minutes. It’s fantastic. Very intense. It’s below.

But first: Premiere date announced! At Comic-Con, The Walking Dead panel just announced the second season will debut Sunday, October 16 at 9 p.m. — a couple weeks earlier than last year and at a different time. They also revealed the season will open with our heroes fleeing the Center for Disease Control — no time jump.

“There’s an expectation now,” says creator Robert Kirkman. “First season, nobody knew what was coming. I can say it’s made everybody work harder. It’s empowered us to try harder. We’re taking that seriously and really trying to deliver.”

Here’s the must-see trailer:

Here’s more from the panel:

— Showrunner Frank Darabont: “We also have writers that are really fans of it. The first six episodes, nobody knew what the hell they were dealing with except me.”

— “You start to realize the most dangerous things out there are the monsters inside,” says Sarah Wayne Callies.

— “The Walking Dead fans are the most badass in the world. You’re the smartest, you’re the best and we want to feed you,” says Jon Bernthal.

— “The writing so so superb. Every script is gold,” says Laurie Holden about season two.

— “I get to run around with a crossbow shooting zombies,” says Norman Reedus, on the best part of being on the show.

— Robert Kirkman on what he would do in the zombie apocalypse: “I would kill myself. I don’t have any urge to do that, but I’ve been writing about this for so long … I’d jump off a bridge. People come up to me and say, ‘I’d hole up in a school’ … no you wouldn’t. You’d be somebody’s pet, because the whole world would turn into prison.”

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