By Sara Vilkomerson
July 22, 2011 at 08:47 PM EDT

At the Hall H presentation for Steven Soderbergh’s butt-kicking thriller Haywire, director Steven Soderbergh addressed those reports about his supposed retirement — and where they came from. “Matt Damon is about as discreet as a fourteen-year-old girl,” the director told EW’s own Anthony Breznican, who was moderating. “I had this drunken conversation with him in Chicago shooting Contagion,” he said, adding then he read the reports in the paper a few days later. While he praised the actor’s good memory (“he remembered it almost verbatim”), he said that he wasn’t as serious as he had implied. “I was just sort of going off,” he said. In this economy, “No one wants to hear about someone quitting a good job. It got blown out of proportion. That’s Matt’s fault!”

Check out the brand-new trailer for Haywire below!