By Lynette Rice
Updated July 21, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Don’t ask Emmy Rossum to talk about her nude scenes in Shameless — the Showtime drama that’s already in production on a second season that’ll return early next year. The comely actress got a little defensive when her Comic-Con moderator asked her to talk about flashing her breasts more than once during the drama’s first season.

“There’s a stupid stigma about it,” Rossum snapped. “It’s just a body, it isn’t anything. It doesn’t say who you are inside. I tihnk I revealed way more on this show in scenes were I got to be unattractive and lonely than I ever did in a scene where I was having sex with my boyfriend. People are all a tizzy about it.”

Well, some nudity helps when you are dealing with a show about a reckless dad and the family who lives with him. Case in point: That naked butt you see in the opening credits? Executive Producer John Wells said the vision of a pants-free derriere — which rumor has it, belongs to series star Justin Chatwin, though he didn’t seem to want to acknowledge it — was by design so people would know what to expect from the dramedy.

“You mean this isn’t a show about plumbing?” star William H. Macy joked.

Otherwise, there wasn’t too much spilled about the second season, but the crowd at Comic-Con got a taste of Macy’s dry — but genius — sense of humor. But when it came to talking about his pay cable gig, Macy was humble and genuine. “It’s a joy to come back to this and get to be with this character and these cast members again. I’m just in love with this job. It’s the greatest fun I ever had.”