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Updated July 21, 2011 at 07:55 PM EDT
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On this week’s Covert Affairs, we learned more than our individual tolerance of jazz when Auggie traveled to Istanbul for a music festival, and how convenient it was that he made friends with a trusting, game, forward flight attendant who could help him track the traitor/terrorist who blinded him with a bomb in Iraq in 2007. We found out that Auggie had never told anyone what happened with his special forces unit until he spilled all to Annie over a round (or two, or three) of beer. That end scene reminded me of something we’d see on Bones, which made me wonder if Auggie and Annie are my new Booth and Brennan. I thought back to a recent conversation with Christopher Gorham, who said that while most fans he’s heard from want Auggie and Annie together at some point, the majority of them are for waiting. “[T]hey agree with me that if that’s going to happen, it needs to happen a long, long time from now,” he said. “Most of what makes those pairings so much fun is the potential, the flirting, the missed opportunities. That’s what’s so exciting. If you go there too soon, you let the air out of the balloon.”

As someone who’s seen every episode of Bones with six seasons of sexual tension that needed to be acted on, watching a series that allows you to enjoy some chemistry but not feel the desire to force it is just so… pleasant. Because Covert Affairs doesn’t revolve around their relationship alone, what with Annie usually out in the field and Auggie at his desk, we accept that their friendship will naturally deepen at a slower pace.

That idea of “missed opportunities” is something Castle‘s Nathan Fillion brought up when we chatted last spring about how soon Castle and Beckett should get together: “I know as an audience member, I enjoy knowing more than the characters I watch on TV know. [With our show it’s] looking at these two, saying, ‘Just turn around! She’s making the face right now! She’s making the face! You’ll see it! Ah, you missed it,’” he said. “The lack of resolution is what keeps people coming back. I think the challenge is how do you serve that so it’s not repetitive.”

I agree with Fillion: It’s the repetitiveness that tries fans’ patience. There’s only so many times someone can miss, misinterpret, or deny a look — unless the character’s actually blind. We know Auggie can detect the interest in a woman’s voice (he hears it a lot, which I love), but if only Annie’s smile and eyes betray her future fondness, he really shouldn’t know about it. It’s like Gorham told us while detailing all he has to concern himself with when playing Auggie: “I can’t react to facial expressions that anybody is making. Body language I have to completely ignore. I really focus on only reacting to what I’m hearing from the voice, which is tricky and drives you crazy sometimes. Piper will make some really adorable face, and I think, ‘God, it would be really great if I could react to that,’ but I can’t. I have to completely ignore it. Every once in awhile I slip, and it’s like, ‘Cut! Stop! Go back! Don’t use that!’”

So, do you agree that Auggie and Annie should, at some point, get together, but that there’s no rush? And does that make you as stress-free a fan of this show as I am? What other will-they-or-won’t-they couples on TV do you think are doing it right, meaning the tension is legitimate and not laborious?

P.S. Just because I don’t have a reason to talk about Gorham’s abs in this item doesn’t mean I can’t run a photo of them.

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