Love Bites
Credit: Adam Taylor/NBC

In the beginning, Love Bites on NBC showed so much promise — a dramedy-anthology featuring popular stars like Becki Newton and Greg Grunberg that creator Cindy Chupack described as Love, American Style meets Love Actually. Unfortunately, a bad combination of too many cooks (it went through three regime changes at NBC) and an ambitious conceit (new stars every week!) ended up side-lining the show. Chupack also reduced her role to that of a consultant because she had a baby on the way.

The series finally got a spot on NBC’s schedule this summer, but the die had already been cast: Thursday’s eighth episode will be its last. Fortunately, Chupack has no regrets — though she does hope that people judge Love Bites fairly (and with a little kindness).

“My feeling was if only it could have been positioned as a summer treat miniseries instead of a show that was burned off and canceled,” Chupack said of Love Bites (which has only averaged 2.45 million viewers this summer). “I feel like it was a successful little miniseries. It had amazing costars, and did something very different.”

Thursday’s finale will feature appearances by Newton, as well as Michelle Trachtenberg, Bret Harrison and Matt Long. She was glad NBC took a risk on a complicated conceit that involved introducing new characters on a weekly basis. (The show can be found on Hulu). It was like writing three mini-pilots a week, Chupack said.

“Considering everything that happened, including with me stepping down, it felt like it turned into such a delightful show,” said Chupack, who has since joined the writing staff of ABC’s Modern Family. “I hope it won’t be measured by when finally aired, or by how many episodes aired or whether it was a success or failure. Rather, was it just fun to watch and was it good?”

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