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Posters for Hunger Games will soon be popping up in your local movie theaters, but Lionsgate has already released a special “motion poster” that features Katniss’s mockingjay pin engulfed in crackling flames. Not only is the dynamic poster cool — I’ve been basking in its warm glow for a good 20 minutes — but the Obi-Wan-esque tagline and the Precious-like forged “ring” conjures up at least two classic blockbuster franchises.

This weekend, fans can collect limited edition Hunger Games mini posters at select movie theaters across the country, and be sure to enter the Ultimate Hunger Games Fan Sweeps on Facebook before the end of Comic-Con. Take a look at the explosive motion poster below:

You can practically set your computer on fire with the burning mockingjay sizzling on the Hunger Games website, where you can also count down the 247 days until the movie opens.

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Motion Poster
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