By Jeff Labrecque
July 20, 2011 at 02:00 PM EDT
Warner Bros.

Now that Harry Potter’s cinematic journey is gloriously complete, the sheer magnitude of his universe is truly dizzying to behold. Eight epic films made during a 10-year span, costing more than a billion dollars to bring to life, earning more than six billion at the worldwide box-office, employing nearly every distinguished British actor of the age. The Potter films evolved along with its young heroes — from the cutesy Chris Columbus efforts to David Yates’ darker, more-adult action films — and a generation of fans grew up with them.

Asking Potterheads to select a favorite movie of the bunch, therefore, is like asking Ron’s mom to name her favorite Weasley. Does that wondrous childhood thrill of soaring above the Quidditch pitch in The Sorcerer’s Stone still hold a special place in your heart? Did the Dementors from The Prisoner of Azkaban raise the stakes when they delivered the series’ first pangs of real dread? Or have the final two films triumphantly captured the melancholic spirit of J.K. Rowling’s last book? If only there were some magic Sorting Hat to help determine where our true loyalties lie. For now, we’ll settle for a simple poll. Which Potter film is your favorite? Vote below.

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