By Carrie Borzillo
Updated July 20, 2011 at 05:37 PM EDT
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Captain America: The First Avenger has yet to hit theaters but there’s already talk of a sequel — assuming it gets a green light. “It’s probably in the present day and we’re hopeful that we can include some past elements, maybe flashbacks, because I think people are going to like the World War II element of this movie. At least, that’s my hope,” screenwriter Stephen McFeely told EW while walking the red carpet of the world premiere, held Tuesday in Hollywood.

“I think the first time it could come out is 2014,” adds screenwriter Christopher Markus. “Another reason to do [it] partially period is because everyone but Chris Evans would be about 90 years old, so we have to go back to have everyone we love. We could have an all-new cast plus our wonderful old cast.”

As for the movie — which has an early opening this Thursday at Comic-Con and then opens wide on Friday — Evans couldn’t single out a favorite moment, other than this one: “There’s a good fight between my character and Red Skull at the end that I think is pretty rewarding. It was a nice thing to watch.”

Meanwhile, Captain America’s love interest played by Hayley Atwell had this to say about the comic book adaptation: “There is a wonderful sense of tongue-in-cheek in this film, but an earnestness and sincerely. There’s a real kindness in this portray of Captain America, which is great because I think we tend to live in a sarcastic, cynical society. It’s just nice that something like this could come along that’s a real feel-good movie.”

Attendees at Tuesday’s premiere included Robert Downey Jr., Dianna Argon, Jessica Szohr, Samuel L. Jackson (who has a cameo in the film), Zoe Saldana, Jesse Metcalfe and Chris Hemsworth.”I hope fans will be very pleasantly surprised that we were faithful to the spirit of who this guy is,” adds director/producer Joe Johnston. “That’s always a concern of fans that we’re gonna do something stupid and ruin their hero, but we did not. We were very careful in creating a Captain America that they are going to love. We spent a lot of time making the costume just right. We had a design department that had about 26 artists in it and a costume department that must have had 60 or 70, but [costume designer] Anna Sheppard basically built that outfit from the ground up. She built several versions of it. It’s based roughly on the Brubaker series of Captain America. He looks great in it and it’s beautiful.”

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