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July 19, 2011 at 01:30 PM EDT

PopWatch has always been an established safe house for nerds/geeks/dorks/pop culture misfits. And while we always encourage you to be yourself, this time, I’m really asking you to let your geek flag fly.

As part of our big Comic-Con plans, we’re sitting down with Spartacus‘ fearless (and frisky) Lucrecia — i.e. Lucy Lawless — and are soliciting your burning questions. Anything will go (as long as we keep it clean, people). Here are some sample questions to get you started: 

— Which gladiator would Lucrecia most likely get busy with? Russell Crowe’s Maximus (Writer’s note: That sounds hot), Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum in The Eagle) or Charlton Heston’s Judah Ben-Hur?

— Have you ever done the Xena battle cry while you were alone?

— Did you keep the Xena skirt?

Your turn! And remember: Nothing is too geeky! (Plus, you won’t be the one asking; I will. Your shame is mine to bear!)

Also, feel free to submit your questions via video. Here’s how:

— Think of a clever query.

— Press “record.”

— Tell us your first name and where you’re from

— Record it and upload to YouTube by 6 p.m. ET on Friday

— Tag your video with EW@SDCC

We’ll be picking the best videos and showing them to Lawless (and EW.com readers!) during the interview.

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