July 19, 2011 at 01:28 PM EDT

The distance between Adele’s lovely, competent debut 19 and her chart-ruling, music-business-buoying sophomore effort 21 was only two short years. But really, the Adele that we’re currently enjoying (especially the Adele tearing the walls down with “Rolling in the Deep” night after night) is light-years removed from the Adele who first tried to win our hearts a few years back.

That point was driven home when Billboard recently resurrected a fascinating piece of video. It’s Adele performing “Chasing Pavements,” the Grammy-winning single from her first album, in a stripped-down, unplugged environment as part of a performance series for the industry mag’s website. Give it a spin after the jump.

Her unmissable voice has obviously always been there, but what’s jarring about that performance is the then-teenage Adele’s almost complete lack of confidence. She seems to want to disappear into herself, and her delivery seems slightly perfunctory. As anyone who has caught Adele live in the past few months knows, she is an exceptionally dynamic performer whose ease and energy at the microphone has profoundly contributed to her success on the road, on the radio, and at the cash register.

What do you think? Is there a big difference between the Adele of two years ago and the Adele of today? And don’t you think “Chasing Pavements” should have been as big a hit as “Rolling in the Deep”? Let loose your thoughts in the comments below.

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