Credit: Via Twitpic


Four weeks after she partied with 14-year-old Rebecca Black in her “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” video, Katy Perry is living the teenage dream all over again — only this time, it’s with Canadian mini-heartthrob Justin Bieber. Or at least with a giant painting of him.

Perry tweeted a photo of herself Saturday posing next to what looks to be a 10-foot outdoor mural of Bieber in his signature hoodie and side-swept mop of hair. “Eatin’ corn on the cobb [sic] hangin with my adopted son, The Biebs,” reads the caption by Perry, who is pictured in a cowboy hat and a flannel shirt, snacking on an ear of corn. A quick jaunt through her Twitter feed and online tour dates suggests the mural is somewhere in scenic Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Though we’ve long considered Justin Bieber a tween-pop sensation, he seems to be getting a lot of love these days from an entirely different target audience: gorgeous American glamour queens who could have been his babysitters. Before Katy Perry gave her surrogate-motherly endorsement, Tiffani Thiessen attended a screening of Horrible Bosses last month in a J-Biebs T-shirt (returning the favor after Bieber wore her alter ego, Kelly Kapowski, on his own shirt to an awards show in Canada), and Taylor Swift performed a live cover of his breakout hit “Baby” at a show in Toronto last week. Is it just us, or is Baby Bieber on his way to becoming Jailbait Justin?

Penny for your thoughts, PopWatchers: Is the Bieber-and-older-women phenomenon cute or creepy? And can we expect to see the Biebs appearing as Perry’s adopted offspring in a video someday soon?