Beyoncé weds, Eminem shocks, and Chris Martin smiles in pop music's latest visual transmissions

By Leah Greenblatt and Melissa Maerz
Updated July 15, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Beyoncé, ”Best Thing I Never Had”
Here comes the Bridoncé! Bey gets matrimonial, first in naughty ”Like a Virgin” lingerie, and later in full wedding couture, recalling the man she’s glad got away. It all comes off a little like a high-end fragrance ad, but the serene diva looks positively blissful in her skin. B+

Coldplay, ”Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall”
Why the smiley face, Chris Martin? The oft-bummed Coldplay frontman appears almost happy, gallivanting through concrete buildings and delivering the band’s soaring uplift-rock anthem as vivid graffiti scribbles and pulses on the walls behind him. He’s glowing — though maybe it’s just all that Day-Glo paint. B+

Eminem, ”Space Bound”
It may take a good dozen viewings of baby-animal clips on YouTube to cleanse the darkness of Marshall Mathers’ latest, in which his eerie midnight road trip with porn-actress costar Sasha Grey ends in a truly graphic gunshot suicide. Cue the frolicking bunny rabbits, stat! B

Selena Gomez & The Scene, ”Love You Like a Love Song”
The tween star tweaks the lost-in-translation tropes of karaoke videos — the kind that always feel one magenta unicorn away from a full-on fever dream. (In fact, Gomez removed a pair of rose-colored horses from the clip after protests from PETA.) Still, it’s a kooky, kitschy trip. A-

Beastie Boys Feat. Santigold, ”Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”
G.I. Joe can suck it — the Beasties make way better action figures in this hilarious Spike Jonze-helmed epic. Watch their tiny plastic legs outrun assassins! Hear them debate Mike D’s solo prospects while skydiving! See them punch an abominable snowman! But don’t worry: Per the disclaimer, ”No yetis were harmed during the making of this film.” A+

David Guetta Feat. Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida, ”Where Them Girls At”
Amorphous floating bubbles invade Los Angeles, leaving a trail of helplessly giddy bystanders (and a slight soapy film) in their wake when they pop. And what clever bubbles they must be, targeting only the hottest babes; Minaj alone is a match for their sudsy powers, sucking them in and spitting them back out as rapid-fire rhymes. B+

Jennifer Hudson, ”No One Gonna Love You”
J-Hud wakes up to one unhappy anniversary when her man rolls out of bed and shrugs off their special day. A dejected girl does what she has to (work her anger out in a Cabaret chair dance, ignore all incoming calls) until night falls and — twist! — Mr. Forgetful turns out to be Mr. Had a Plan All Along. B

Gavin DeGraw, ”Not Over You”
Pity the pretty blonde in this split-screen video: She’s just so sad. As DeGraw bangs on the piano and croons his lovelorn ballad, she gets teary-eyed while watering plants in her underwear, lying on the floor in her bra, and running errands in a bikini. Who can blame her? If you couldn’t afford pants, you’d be sad too. C-

Cobra Starship Feat. Sabi, ”You Make Me Feel…”
The premise for this sunny club-thumper: A photo booth snaps pictures of partyers — including Robin Williams (!) — and intuits their moods, from ”cheeky” to ”munchy.” The message? How you look matters less than how you feel. And judging by the neon drinks they’re all downing, how they feel is good. A-

The Kills, ”Future Starts Slow”
It’s mostly tour footage of the dark-rock duo eating hotel breakfasts, sleeping in leather jackets, and waiting for the next show to start. And yet, as the pair drag their luggage through twilit streets, the louche atmosphere practically murmurs ”French film.” Sure, they look bored. But wow, does boredom look cool. B+

Sufjan Stevens, ”Get Real Get Right”
Never one to pass up an opportunity to work with glitter, the prince of twee uses everything in his toolbox for this whimsical cut-paper animation clip, which features confetti-fueled spaceships, planet-juggling aliens, and a whole lot of imagination. Get real? Yeah, right. B