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Spoilers are like apples, Roomies. Shake the tree, and you’ll get one to fall. And next week at the annual San Diego Comic-Con, the apples will fall like rain, so be prepared. Rather, help me prepare! Send your burning questions about any and all shows going to Comic-Con (and those that aren’t, if you’re so inclined), so I can come back with a basket of bounty to share with you all. We’ll make spoiler pie together! Also, this apple metaphor has gone on about five sentences too long. So I’m stopping now.

Send questions to (note the two “r”s) or Tweet them to me @EWSandraG.

Also, this week, the “side dishes” are the main course. (Clearly hungry right now… ) Enjoy!

Sandra, I’m betting you’ve already drooled over these pics of gun-wielding Joe Manganiello on the set of White Collar, right? What else can you tell me about his role (and how much heavage we’ll be seeing)? — Maggie

Since my pecto-meter (the only device proven to give an accurate measure for the amount of man skin shown in a given hour of television ) isn’t even patented yet, I can’t say for sure we’ll be seeing any heavage in this Rear Window-esque episode. (Although, that’d be a waste of a guest star, no?) What I can say is that we’ll be seeing Neal incredibly out of his element. “Elizabeth thinks the neighbors might be up to something, and [Joe] plays a blue-collar neighbor of the Burks who I have to go undercover to investigate,” says star Matt Bomer. “So we get to see a little bit of blue collar Neal. It was fun to get to do that. It was nice to change my posture and get out of a suit — get back to my Texas roots.” Not that he doesn’t love a good suit, but, “it was nice to step out of the Italian loafers and into some work boots.” Bonus trivia: Manganiello and Bomer are college buddies! They both attended Carnegie-Mellon, where “there were only about 20 people in our class, so we obviously got to become good friends over the course of four years,” Bomer says. Small world!

Any dish on The Good Wife‘s return? — Stacy

EW actually caught up with the Emmy-nominated Alan Cumming last night at a party to celebrate his new (charitable) fragrance, 2nd Cumming. He said he’s excited about the prospect of “inter-office conflict” that will result from his new post at Lockhart/Gardner. “I know he’s building his office within the office, so he’s kind of like marking his territory,” he says. “So I think in a way also — like with last season, the two stories, the political story and the legal story, were quite separate — this season will be more merged. And also it means I’ll hopefully get to work with more of the actors that I see every day in makeup and never actually [have scenes with]. Like Archie [Panjabi]. I’ve never spoken to her on the show, ever.”

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Do you have any INFO on my fave Syfy shows???? I LOVE em!!! Some HAVEN, WAREHOUSE 13, & EUREKA action would be SWELL!!!! — :D Madison from ‘Hot as all get out but aint no place better than’ TEXAS!!!!

When I spoke with star Emily Rose (read the full chat here — with two clips from tonight’s episode for your patience!), she said that she’s enjoyed watching Duke and Nathan’s relationship this season, as it nods to the boys’ once-rocky past. “We know that they were the kind of friends who have had a history, and something has gone on. We can assume they were probably really, really close at one time. So we kind of see through this dramatic stuff. They’re forced to bond together when times are tough. But when that stuff is over, we see them split back apart again because they’re ultimately, at the end of the day, there for each other. Yet, they can’t handle being around each other on a day-to-day circumstance,” she says. Moreover, Rose said Audrey will be “constantly playing referee for them,” especially after she finds herself in a “new relationship” with both. “Let’s just say that [Duke] helps her with her living situation and that adds a new dynamic to the relationship,” she says coyly. “And I think with Nathan becoming chief … they realize the chief maybe took care of a lot of things that they didn’t know about. That provides a new dynamic for them as well.”

I’ve been counting down to James Van Der Beek’s appearance on Franklin & Bash. Any word on the episode? — Deb (Van Der Lover)

I got a chance to talk to your Van Der Love about the episode, in which he plays Janie’s mysterious fiancé, who has thus far only been mentioned. Here’s an excerpt from our full chat (which will post in the coming days; stay tuned), in which he talks about Peter’s struggle after Van Der Beek’s character comes to him needing legal representation. “He’s gotta face how he feels about her, his legal responsibility, where does his heart lie in all of this. And then he’s got to deal with me,” he says. “It should be a hoot.” (Also a hoot? Dawson is in the Spoiler Room pic. I wish this was the ’90s.)

Okay, now that you told us Jason Ritter is coming back [to Parenthood], which I’m SOOOO excited about! Please say there is hope for him and Sarah! I love them together! Thank You! — Michelle

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d be terribly disappointed if that’s NOT what his return meant. And this show has never disappointed me. So…

All this Parenthood news and nothing on Drew! Boooooo! — Diane

Hold your boos. There might be love on the horizon for young Drew in the form of girl-next-door Amy (now being cast), who Drew meets at his family’s garage sale of all places. And while wooing the young lady is more than a little intimidating for the shy teen, it’s nothing he can’t conquer without a little (okay, a lot) of encouragement from good ole grandpa Zeek.

I’m missing Bones so much it hurts! Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. But I’m really, really, really, dying for some new info, here! Help a friend out? — Kristen

Who isn’t missing Bones? But I’m convinced that it will be more than worth our wait when the show returns because, well, who doesn’t love protective Booth? And you can bet that everyone, including our Seeley, will be on Brennan Watch when the show returns and they find her in full baby bloom to the point where she has trouble maneuvering around Booth’s kitchen in the morning. (Make of that last part what you will… ) Their efforts to help, however, will definitely be met with typical Brennan reactions.

I can’t wait for The Vampire Diaries to come back! Teases! Hints! Anything you can say? — Mel

I’m betting I’ll have more to say after Comic-Con next week, and feel free to submit your questions in case I find some incredibly informed people who might be able to answer them. (I will.) Until then, imagine the meanest, drunkest Stefan you’ve ever seen. Can’t? Well, you’ll be seeing him soon.

Hi! So, Suits is officially my new favorite summer show! Anything for the rest of the season?? Thanks!! — Michelle V.

The show is currently casting the role of Alexandra Leeds, an assistant attorney general who brings nothing but bad news for Harvey. Although he’s not one to sweat under pressure, the questions she starts asking about his past may put him in a situation that turns out to be a bigger problem than he anticipates. Now a question for you: What are Suits fans calling themselves? Tailors? Please inform. Or decide among yourselves below in comments!

Oversight! Curb is back and you’ve said nothing! Spill! — Michael

Difficult request. I mean, this show isn’t Lost. It’s really one of those shows you have to see to love. Am I wrong? So all I’ll say is the July 24 episode, titled “Palestinian Chicken,” introduces a phrase that I predict will become a new PopWatch category: Social assassin.

Now that we’re seeing Shawn in his own relationship, any chance of Gus or Lassie finding love in the upcoming season of Psych? — Ally

Here’s a not funny story: Poor James Roday was stuck on a mountain, in a storm, with no cell reception and missed our phone date yesterday. Thankfully, we re-scheduled for today. So if you keep an eye on my Twitter, there’s a good chance you will get an answer today. Hint, hint. But that’s only if Mother Nature decides not to scoop-block me again. Thanks to you and everyone who submitted questions. Also, any Psych-os going to Comic-Con? See you there!

Are we going to continue to see Marlene (Phyllis Somerville) on this season of The Big C? I love her! — Kara

Definitely! Creator and executive producer Darlene Hunt says they were always intent on finding a way to keep the fan-favorite on the show in some way. “It was super fun to have her back again, and she will continue to show up in very surprising ways,” she says. “We wanted play with this idea of the living and the dead and the fact that as [Cathy] becomes sicker, she’s getting closer to the death realm. I also think that when you lose someone, it’s easy to imagine them still around.”

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Sandra, what did you think of the premiere of Rescue Me? I’m super excited [that] I saw Maura Tierney in the preview for next week. I really love her. Is there a spark between her and Tommy again? — Sue

Tommy has a lot of woman on his hands next week, even without factoring Tierney’s character Kelly into the mix. But their scenes together, which include her helping him buy tampons, are definitely worth the wait for her return.

I love Drop Dead Diva, but Jane moping over Grayson is getting old. Are happier times in her future? — Megh

I’m with you there! More power to Jane! And Margaret Cho — who in Sunday’s episode, is reunited with her Dancing With the Stars partner Louis Van Amstel — is on our side and loves that Jane has been getting more than her share of distractions/suitors this season! “Even though [Jane] pines over Grayson and misses him, she is — you know, her ‘dance’ card is pretty full. She’s got lots of offers. She’s got lots of possibilities, lots of opportunities, or as I like to say ‘c—ertunities,” the comedian told EW in a conference call with reporters. “You probably can’t print that, but that’s my take on it. I just love a girl with c—ertunities.”

So excited for the return of Nikita! Scoop, please? — Vicki

In an upcoming episode, Birkhoff might find himself with a nerd crush!

Falling Skies!! — Josh

Next week’s episode might give you the impression that something is off with Ben following his return, and if I were you, I’d make sure there is no risk of my DVR cutting off the end. There’s a big reveal about a character we love. Well, I love. No, no. It’s we.

(Lanford Beard and Kevin Sullivan contributed to this column)

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