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Updated July 15, 2011 at 05:20 PM EDT
The Good Wife
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Cameras started rolling on the third season of CBS’s The Good Wife today, and while Christine Baranski, who just scored her second supporting actress Emmy nomination for the role of Diane — her ninth career Emmy nod — won’t begin shooting until next week, she tells EW she’s already hard at work on the show’s casting director Mark Saks. “You may see another involvement with a guy, maybe a younger love interest. I don’t know. I don’t know,” she says nonchalantly when asked what awaits Diane this fall. Her ideal beau? “You know what I keep whispering in Mark Saks’ ear, because these English guys are now coming across the pond to do things, like Jeremy [Irons] did Law & Order: SVU, I would love Hugh Grant,” she says, almost giggling. “He’s my dream. It would be wonderful to have cocktails with Hugh Grant.” After we give our approval, she continues. “He’s a little younger, but not so young where you go, oh come on,” she says of their eight-year age difference. “And he’s so witty. I could see Diane Lockhart mixing it up with a Hugh Grant-type. It would be heavenly.”

As for what’s definitely in Diane’s future, look for her to show more ambition in season 3. “My idea, which the writers also had in their head before I even discussed it with them, was that Diane will become more involved in politics,” Baranski says, “because let us remember this show takes place in Chicago, and Obama’s presidential campaign is going to be based in Chicago and Rahm Emanuel is now mayor. So there’s a lot going on politically this year, and I think Diane, being this kind of passionate supporter of liberal causes, will be very much involved, maybe get her hands dirty in politics, and maybe have a bit more mixing up to do with Eli Gold, which I hope, because Alan Cumming is so much fun on- and off-camera.”

With the show earning a total of nine Emmy nominations on Thursday — for the series, Julianna Margulies, Archie Panjabi, Baranski, Josh Charles, Cumming, guest star Michael J. Fox, as well as Saks and director of photography Fred Murphy — the cast was definitely a happy one at yesterday’s pre-season CBS photo shoot. Since we always love a good “how did you hear about your Emmy nomination?” story, here’s Baranski’s: “It’s so funny. I had to be in the car by nine, and I think the phone call came in at about ten of nine, but I didn’t hear the ring because the water was running, because I had this white clay mask on my face and I was flossing. So that’s a very glamorous way to get the news,” she says. “When I finished, I got to my phone and saw a message from my manager, and I could hear from her tone of voice that she was happy and wanted me to call back.”

As appreciative as she is for the show’s nominations, there’s one more she’d like to have seen: “You know, the show won a Peabody Award, and [creators] Robert and Michelle King, I just think that their work is superlative. It pained me that they did not get a nomination for their writing. I think we’re all hanging onto their coattails, because that’s the first thing anybody says about the show is how well-written it is,” she says. “I just want to put in a word of gratitude and tribute to them whenever possible.”

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