Breaking down your favorite ''True Blood'' cover, additions to TV's All-Time Sexiest Couples, and more

By EW Staff
Updated July 15, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Killing

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Oscar’s Quality Control
Regarding your story on the changing Oscar rules (News and Notes): Frankly, I feel there should not even be a minimum number of Best Picture nominations. A film should be chosen because it is an exceptional movie with first-class writing, directing, and acting. Maybe only three will deserve the recognition, maybe nine of them will. In 1995, the American Theatre Wing nominated only two shows for a Best Musical Tony because few others were deserving. Now, that’s setting and keeping the bar of integrity high.
Susan Chapman
Clermont, Fla.

Who Is Your True Favorite?
The True Blood-thirsty among you salivated over our American Gothic-inspired trio of covers. But in the battle of fang versus fur, who came out on top? Here’s which character you most wanted to see glowering at you from your mailbox.

42% Eric (Alexander Skarsgård)
32% Alcide (Joe Manganiello)
18% Bill (Stephen Moyer)
8% Can’t I Have All Three?

Unsolved Mystery
As viewers of so-called ”whodunits,” we have a right to know who done it by the end of a TV season. The Killing was like a whodunit book with the last page missing — an affront to the genre and to those of us who faithfully watched the show week after week (News and Notes). I don’t care who did it anymore; I only care about what was done to me.
Mel Maurer
Westlake, Ohio

I don’t understand the backlash against The Killing. It was a beautifully shot, paced, and acted show that ended with an equally brilliant cliff-hanger. No one saw that twist coming, and I, for one, cannot wait for the next season. I only hope we can be lucky enough to get captivating television like this more often.
Timothy Hutchings
Hilton, N.Y.

Let’s Hear It for the Girl
Thanks for the heads-up on Pixar’s upcoming movie Brave (News and Notes). Since Disney owns the studio, I am surprised that Pixar is making a movie with a female in the lead role. After all, one of Disney’s recent female-centric efforts, The Princess and the Frog, didn’t live up to expectations, as excellent as it was. Cheers to Pixar for taking the lead regardless. The female lead, that is.
Eric A. Klee
Charlotte, N.C.

Small-Screen Sizzle
I loved reading ”TV’s All-Time Sexiest Couples,” but I was shocked to see that ER‘s Doug (George Clooney) and Carol (Julianna Margulies) were not included. Who can forget how hot and steamy Dr. Ross and Nurse Hathaway were? I know I never will, and they certainly will forever be in my top 10.
Stephanie D’Aquila
Palm Bay, Fla.

Where the hell were Keller and Beecher from HBO’s Oz? The passion and tension between the two of them all these years later is a barometer by which all other TV relationships are measured. I still have pictures of the two of them as screensavers.
Cody Way
Greeley, Colo.

Thanks to Netflix, I’ve rediscovered the all-time sexiest TV couple: Cheers‘ Sam and Diane. Their embrace in season 2’s ”And Coachie Makes Three” convinced me they should’ve been No. 1 on your list.
Jim Nunes
Galt, Calif.

Oliver Platt plays the role of Paul — husband of Laura Linney’s Cathy — on Showtime’s The Big C (What to Watch).

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