Reviews of ''Amélie,'' ''Source Code,'' and more

By EW Staff
Updated July 15, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Amélie (2001, R)
Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz The French hit about a lonely, eccentric gamine living in a fanciful Technicolor Paris makes its Blu-ray debut. Still every bit as delightful now as it was 10 years ago. A-

Arthur (2011, PG-13)
Russell Brand, Helen Mirren A disappointing remake of the 1981 comedy about a rich-boy ne’er-do-well, in which Brand proves he’s no Dudley Moore. (Also on iTunes) C+

Potiche (2011, R)
Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu Deneuve stars as a pampered trophy wife-turned-feminist heroine in this playful French bauble set in the 1970s. (Also on iTunes) B

Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune (2011, Not Rated)
This fine doc about the 1960s folksinger who hanged himself at age 35 is at once an unsentimental portrait and an affecting elegy for a time when song was a form of revolution. (Also on iTunes) A-

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985, PG)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt Long before she drooled over Manolos as Carrie Bradshaw, SJP played a new girl in a small town who defies her strict father by enrolling in a TV dance contest. As slices of ’80s cheese go, this one’s pretty tasty fun. (Available on Netflix instant viewing) B+

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Source Code (2011, PG-13)
Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan A decorated soldier has eight minutes to find and disable a bomb on a commuter train. B+ 7/26

Trust (2011, R)
Clive Owen, Catherine Keener Parents try to cope when their teen daughter falls victim to an online sexual predator. David Schwimmer directs. B- 7/26


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