Indiana Jones Crystal
Credit: David James

Rumors of Dr. Jones’ demise in the next Indiana Jones movie have been greatly exaggerated — at this point, it’s not even certain there will be a fifth Indiana Jones movie. But during an interview in Montana for an EW story on this month’s sci-fi western Cowboys and Aliens, Harrison Ford seemed to enjoy the idea of killing off the iconic character.

“I always want my characters to die,” he told EW. “I thought Han Solo should have died at the end of the last Star Wars movie, just because it seemed right for the character. And I’d be happy to make another Indiana Jones movie — but at this point it’s all just rumors.”

For more from Ford on Indy, Star Wars, and Cowboys and Aliens, pick up a copy of next week’s Entertainment Weekly on July 22, where we sit down with Ford, costar Daniel Craig, and director Jon Favreau.