Remember last year, when we saw all those incredible photos of Sean Penn apparently channeling Robert Smith’s ’80s goth-pop aesthetic for a new movie? Well, the full international trailer for that movie, This Must Be the Place, has just hit the internet, and it looks…interesting. Penn’s aging musician has a fear of flying, but with the support of his significant other (the unsinkable Frances McDormand), he hops a place to see his dying father. Here’s where things get strange: Seems his dear old dad was a Holocaust survivor who spent his life trying to find an SS guard from his concentration camp. Penn takes up his dad’s mission, a quest that apparently leads him on a road trip into America. He also, for some reason, winds up teaching a child guitar fan that the Talking Heads wrote “This Must be the Place,” not the Arcade Fire. It looks weird, but whether it’s good or bad, we can confirm that it is not Transformers.

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