By Adam B. Vary
July 13, 2011 at 11:54 PM EDT

Okay, these celebrity guest judges on So You Think You Can Dance are getting faintly ridiculous. Megan Mullally had formal dance and Broadway experience — okay. Debbie Reynolds tap-danced with Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain — love it. And Kristin Chenoweth has won a Tony Award — not for dancing, but that’s fine. But last week’s celebrity judge was Carmen Electra, whose main contribution to last week’s judging panel was her ability to not always use the same generic adjective of bland praise and her ability to not show up for the results show night.

This week’s celebrity judge? Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Look: He’s lovely, and funny, and catty enough to diss soap operas on Twitter while waiting for his car to be serviced (even if he immediately regrets it). But if Jesse Tyler Ferguson is qualified to judge the dancers on this show, than so am I. Which I do! As do you! Every week! So why not get started now in the comments, and then come back tomorrow morning to read my dubiously qualified judgments of JTF’s dubiously qualified judgments? Dubious qualifications for all! UPDATE: The recap is live!

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