Blue Valentine Gosling
Credit: Davi Russo

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching the Crazy Stupid Love trailer ad nauseum since it was released back in April. What more could you ask for in a preview: It has the perfect balance of humor (Twilight jokes!) and heart and, of course, a too-good-to-be-photoshopped body courtesy of one Ryan Gosling.

Of course, my love affair with Gosling started long before he took off his shirt immediately upon Emma Stone’s request (Note to self: Learn that skill.) The handsome Canuck caught my attention with his role as creepy teen Richard in 2002’s otherwise so-so Murder By Numbers. (Did anyone else just suddenly remember that he and co-star Sandra Bullock used to date?! Crazy!) Since then, I’ve been a true blue Gosling fan, from his turn as Noah, the ultimate dreamboat, in the infinitely re-watchable sap-fest The Notebook (thanks for showing it three times a day every Saturday, Oxygen!) to his Oscar-nominated turn as Dan, a drug-addicted high school teacher in the gritty Half Nelson. But nothing quite solidified Gosling’s place in my heart as the best actor of my generation quite like his heartbreaking work as Dean in last year’s gut-wrenching Blue Valentine. The actor effortlessly transitions from sweet, in-love Brooklynite to a married, suburban former shell of himself. If you don’t find a place in your heart for Dean when, while working for a moving company, he helps decorate a widowed vet’s room at a nursing home, well then, you’re colder than ice.

But, I’m curious as to what you’re favorite Ryan Gosling role is, PopWatchers. As we here at EW continue to count down to the release of Crazy Stupid Love, in theaters July 29, we want you to pick what you think is Gosling’s best work to date. Did you fall for him for his romantic characters Blue Valentine or The Notebook? Was it his turn as the sweet, but emotionally damaged Lars in Lars in the Real Girl that won you over or do you prefer when he plays debonair, like Willy, the district attorney he played in Fracture? Or, have you been a fan since his much earlier performances (heck, even those Mickey Mouse Club days), like his turns in films like The Believer or Remember the Titans? Take the poll below and vote on your favorite Gosling performance!

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