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Well, this is sort of a bummer. Just a few days ago, we learned that Friends With Benefits star/all-around cool chick Mila Kunis had apparently accepted an invitation from Sgt. Scott Moore, who is stationed with the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qalain, to attend the Marine Corps Ball with him this November. But today, Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush crushed his — and our — dreams when he announced she wouldn’t be able to attend the Ball because of filming conflicts. Bush went on to say that while Kunis had to decline the invitation, she would meet with Sgt. Moore personally when he gets back from his deployment. Kunis’ rep could not be reached for comment regarding the news.

If this does, in fact, turn out to be true, it won’t change our opinion of Kunis forever (she’s stayed in our good graces thus far). But it seems her Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake may be able to come to the rescue…for America. A fellow Marine by the name of Kelsey De Santis followed Moore’s example and sent a similar video to Timberlake asking him to the Marine Corps Ball. De Santis keeps the plea to a short and sweet 15 seconds, but warns him, “If you can’t go, all I can say is, cry me a river.” We’re also fairly concerned that the guys in the background might harm him if he says no. (Timberlake’s rep has also not yet responded to a request for comment.) Watch the clip below.

Actually, all celebrities might be crying a river soon if JT says yes, because then it will pretty much become standard that all stars must say yes to fans date requests over the Internet. (You hear that, Ryan Gosling?) Still, at the very least, you might get a friendly, funny decline like Conan O’Brien did for the fan that asked him to her prom.

Are you disappointed to hear that Mila Kunis might be canceling her date with the marine? Do you think Justin Timberlake will step up to the plate and go now? And don’t forget to ask your favorite celeb out on a date — they love that!

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