Demi Lovato released her new single, “Skyscraper,” on On Air with Ryan Seacrest yesterday, and if the ballad’s current No. 1 placement on iTunes is any indication, fans are glad to have her back.

“Skyscraper” marks a return for the Disney star, who has had an especially tumultuous year, checking into a rehab center after revealing her battle with an eating disorder and quitting her hit Disney Channel show, Sonny with a Chance.

Now, Lovato is ready to get back to the music, and she’s not shying away from addressing her inner demons. “Skyscraper” is all about wrestling with life’s struggles and standing tall in the face of adversity. Check it out after the jump:

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The tune is pretty inspiring, and Lovato’s raspy, crying-out vocal sounds gorgeous—I was surprised by my own emotional response to it. Still, impressed as I was with her voice, I was even more impressed with the starlet’s candid chat with Seacrest.

As the host dished out some seriously tough questions, Lovato owned up to her issues, without any attempts to sugarcoat or redirect the conversation. When Ryan asked, “Do you have scars on your wrists?” she replied, “I do,” without missing a beat.

Lovato also spoke openly about her eating disorder: “It got to a point where I just was lying to everyone that was around me … It was the elephant in the room … It was affecting every aspect of my life. I was being cranky, I was irritable, I was not pleasant, really, to work with. I became like a little brat on set, and I just had so much growing up to do … I think it just all boiled up, and I ended up doing things that I regret to this day.”

Of her three-month stint in rehab, Lovato recalled, “I just remember sometimes sitting there and being like, ‘I had so much just, like, six months ago, and here I am in a treatment center. What has my life become? How did I let it get to this point?'”

Pretty intense stuff for an 18-year-old, but good on Ms. Lovato for addressing her struggles publicly and expressing her desire to help others who may be dealing with similar issues. Watch the full interview below:

What say you Music-Mixers? Do you think “Skyscraper” will continue to tower above other singles on the chart? Were you impressed with Lovato’s honest interview?

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