There was a time — and that time may yet return — when I used to watch John Carpenter’s The Thing at least once month. I still believe it’s unarguably one of the top five best horror films ever made and, to anyone who disagrees, I can only echo the sentiment of David Clennon’s Palmer as he notices a human head scuttling across the floor on alien legs (“You gotta be f—ing kidding me!”).

The first poster for the forthcoming Thing prequel has just been released, which you can see to the left and below. It’s very reminiscent of the poster for Carpenter’s film — a similarity that is helped by the fact that the new movie, which stars Scott Pilgrim actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, is also called The Thing. (Hey, who’s naming films these days? George Foreman?)

What do you think of the poster? Are you psyched for the return of The Thing?

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