By Jeff Labrecque
July 08, 2011 at 11:03 PM EDT

For a mulit-talented entertainer and bourgeoning Internet entrepreneur, Justin Timberlake still has an unusual amount of time to film aspiring viral videos. Recently, he railed against Facebook’s relationship status fascism while promoting his upcoming movie, Friends With Benefits. And now, he’s skewering his own athletic ability to promote the inaugural Capital One Cup, which goes to the best college sports programs at next’s week’s ESPY Awards. Take a look.

Timberlake is truly an Ironman. Clearly, I’m not referring to his endurance on the basketball court, or on the track, or in the pool. But the clip itself lasts more than six minutes! What sport didn’t they force Timberlake to attempt? Fortunately, my spirits were refreshed by the occasional blast of “You’re the Best,” Joe Esposito’s rousing song from The Karate Kid.

Could they have cut this clip in half without losing any oomph? Or are you of the mind that the more Timberlake there is, the better?

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