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There’s certainly much to enjoy in Horrible Bosses, directed by Seth Gordon (read Lisa Schwarzbaum’s review here), the funniest workplace revenge comedy to come along since 9 to 5. But perhaps the most unexpected pleasure is seeing Jennifer Aniston play a predatory, filthy-mouthed dentist who delights in sexually harassing her assistant (played by Charlie Day). “I had such a great time doing it. It was ridiculous fun,” Aniston tells EW. “I never get that kind of fun stuff. It was great! You do tend to get locked into parts that you play, you know what I mean? People forget that there are other parts in there. That’s what I love about Seth Gordon — someone with imagination. You just have to have the balls to let people try [other kinds of roles].”

Which is not to say it was always easy to keep a straight face. Take, for example, the scene where Aniston seductively eats a popsicle, banana and hot dog in front of a window (for the benefit of Jason Sudeikis’s spying character). ” That one was a little like… okay, let’s get this one over with,” she laughs. “It was just… my mom! My dad! What are they going to do?

As for her co-stars, close friend (“one of my favorite people”) Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day, Aniston calls them the modern-day Three Stooges. “Talk about chemistry between three guys… I just root for them. They’re so fun to watch.” She recalls her first day of filming with Charlie Day. “God bless him, it was like, ‘Hi, nice to meet you… aaaaand I’m naked and going to straddle you,’ ” she laughs. “He couldn’t have been more adorable or sweet.”

Horrible Bosses

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