July 07, 2011 at 11:45 PM EDT

So, Dance fans, after some of the wheat was separated from the chaff last week — and one dancer was (according to many of your comments) unfairly sent home — who’s next on the chopping block? Will Carmen Electra’s stripperobic proclivities have an effect on the judges’ panel? How hard is Nigel fighting to keep Ryan on this show? Discuss it all as it goes down live, and we’ll reveal the results shortly after the episode closes. Enjoy the show! UPDATE: The results are in. So who’s turned in and who’s turned out?

Ashley and Chris are going home. So what did you think? Did Ashley and Chris’s repetitive solos do them in? Were you shocked that Ryan fell in the B3, and did she prove herself in her solo? Did Tadd become your new hero for dancing to Gloria Estefan? Was Jordan’s peacock boob a step up or down from ChainMailGate 2011? Do tell…

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