What’s the best revenge on a bad ex-boyfriend? How about performing your kiss-off song while standing in your bridal suite wearing nothing but a white lace teddy and a grin of deep satisfaction? That’s how the music video for Beyoncé’s new single “Best Thing I Never Had” opens, and damn if Ms. Knowles isn’t at her peak — in voice, in looks, in taste in opulent wedding gowns (by Baracci Beverly Hills). Check out the video below, directed with impeccable lighting by Diane Martel, and then let’s discuss it a bit more!

Three more quick observations: One, the Dutch-like double-buns the erstwhile Sasha Fierce is sporting in the first segment somehow join forces into a single super-bun once Beyoncé moves from her bridal suite lingerie into her outdoor wedding gown. Two, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s Beyoncé’s sister Solange playing the young Beyoncé, who ditches her lout of a boyfriend at their senior prom. Three, at the reception (where Beyoncé is draped in an elegant Vera Wang), her super-bun has forsaken her, but she does not appear to mind.

What do you make of the video, Music Mixers?

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