July 06, 2011 at 09:27 PM EDT

Image Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images; Tatiana Beller/PR PhotosAt first, San Francisco sports fans weren’t exactly thrilled to hear that Showtime was working on a docuseries called The Franchise, which will go behind the scenes with the Giants starting July 13. For one, hardly any famous person does a reality show without looking like a tool. Two, the World Series champs decide to follow up their win by doing something for TV? Where are your priorities, men?

But Mike Tollin (Varsity Blues, Coach Carter) said he managed to quell the concerns of fans while promising an honest, intimate and authentic look at the team through almost an entire season. (The series is from Major League Baseball Prods). “We’re just trying to capture reality,” Tollin told EW. “And they’ve had an extraordinary amount of adversity this season. These guys have had one injury after another, but they keep picking up pieces. Here they are in first place with the second best record in the National League, selling out every game. It’s a testament to their resilience —  a team facing uncommon adversity and a remarkable rash of injuries, and somehow they’re winning games when all seemed lost.”

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of the new series. Sadly, it doesn’t feature outtakes of catcher Buster Posey’s collision at home plate, though Tollin promises the show will definitely focus on those dark days after the season-ending injury.

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