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Last night, Farrah, Maci, Catelynn, and Amber returned for another season of Teen Mom, the show that made them (semi-)household names — and consistent tabloid fodder. And clearly the notoriety has infiltrated the lives of some more than others.

Farrah caught us up to speed on her life, and was she plenty busy: She was still trying to get social security benefits from her daughter’s father, Derek, who passed away before Farrah had baby Sophia. She was mending the broken relationship with her own mother. And, oh yeah, she wanted a boob job. She claimed she was hoping to undergo the procedure to help her fledgling modeling career, but the reality was a bit different: Simply, Farrah was none too happy about her A-cup chest. Her mom tried to talk her out of the surgery, but what was the point? Has Farrah ever been the type of person to take direction? So she went through with the surgery and its excruciatingly painful after-effects… all in the name of Sophia, right?

Meanwhile, Maci was living in Nashville for the summer and taking a break from work. (I suppose the money she gets from the show got her by those few months?) After a little bank snafu, Maci realized that Ryan was, in fact, paying the child support she had thought he was skimping on. Was Ryan a changed man? Hardly. During one of Maci’s visits to Chattanooga to drop off Bentley, Ryan had something pressing to ask her — so pressing that could ask it only via text. “Is Kyle slow?” the text read. After Maci got over her shock and disgust, she later asked her friend, “Why is my life so hard?” “Because you had unprotected sex. That’s why,” the friend answered. Zing! I like her.

And, of course, there was Amber, who has faced more than a few headline-making personal traumas as of late. She was living on her own and attending counseling, all without her ex, Gary. But then her ex-fiancé came calling, asking that they get back together, and Amber, still feeling a little something for the man she one punched, agreed that they should explore the idea. Only one problem: She was dating Chris, the over-eager boyfriend who you may have remembered from the tail end of last season. Chris wasn’t just head over heels for Amber anymore; he l-o-v-e-d her. Unfortunately for Chris, he had to bottle up those feelings, because Amber broke things off. She wanted to start afresh with Gary.

Though they were sans baby, Catelynn and Tyler — the couple who gave up their baby at age 16 — had their fair share of problems to deal with. Catelynn’s mom was moving out of her house, which meant Catelynn was basically homeless. But she figured now was the perfect time to get her own place — with Tyler. And to Tyler, the idea wasn’t half-bad. In his mind, he was a “loser,” an 18-year-old still living at his mom’s house. But, naturally, Tyler’s mom was less than thrilled with the plan. In the end, the couple decided to test the waters: If living together ruined their relationship, Tyler would move out. Call me a cynic, but something tells me that it won’t work out that smoothly.

Did you catch the premiere, PopWatchers? Are you happy to see the original girls return?

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