By Lynette Rice
July 06, 2011 at 10:49 PM EDT

Have you been wondering where Octomom went? Wonder no more: On Friday, Today’s Ann Curry will interview Nadya Suleman, who will have her 2-year-old octuplets and children Elijah, 11, and Amerah, 10 in tow. Yep, she has more kids, but correspondent Amy Robach will focus on the rest during a separate piece at Suleman’s home in La Habra, CA. Suleman, who was dubbed Octomom in the press, has a total of 14 children. The single mom will apparently talk about single motherhood, dating, and her thoughts on men.

Portions of Robach’s interview will air tomorrow on NBC’s Today. Here are a few quotes from the interview: “I don’t want to undo fourteen kids. I love every single one of my children. I will for the rest of my life. I will die for them. Everything I do, any kind of work, any kind of money I generate – where does it go? It goes into their mouths or it goes into the house or it goes into their school. Their private school is twice as much as the mortgage… The goal in life for us – one of our main goals – a priority, is to buy a home and I would earn it. I want to work for it, and I want to buy it myself.

“My job as a responsible parent is to constantly protect them,” she continued. “And unfortunately, as a result of hundreds of death threats that I started to receive over two years ago, directed towards me and my kids, it started to boil and bubble into panic attacks. So starting last summer about a year ago, I started having panic attacks, and I didn’t want to leave the house. I’d go to the market, and I couldn’t leave the car.”