Noel Gallagher
Credit: Jo Hale/Getty Images

Oasis guitarist and chief songwriter Noel Gallagher has announced that his debut solo CD, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, will be released in the United States on November 8.

According to the Guardian, at a press conference today in London, England, Gallagher said that while the CD was not “stadium rock,” he believed it would appeal to fans of Oasis, who famously and acrimoniously split in 2009.

Gallagher has already recorded a second collection, an as yet unnamed collaboration with Amorphous Androgynous (a pseudonym of British electronica act The Future Sound of London), which will be released next year.

At the press conference, Gallagher spoke about the Oasis breakup and recalled a confrontation with his brother and former bandmate Liam, during which the latter wielded a guitar “like an axe.”

The guitarist also compared his brother to the recently deceased wrestler Randy Savage. According to Noel, “He was quite violent. At that point there was no physical violence but there was a lot of World Wrestling Federation stuff, he was like Randy Savage or something. It was an unnecessarily violent act and he nearly took my face off. I was like, you know what, I’m f—ing out of here.”

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