By Annie Barrett
Updated July 06, 2011 at 05:53 PM EDT

Yesterday’s news that Pia Toscano has signed with Interscope Records has us wondering: After this summer’s American Idols LIVE! tour (during which everyone will be EXTRA ALIVE), who else from season 10 will you really want to hear from again?

Pia Toscano is this rare Idol contestant who still manages to create huge buzz. She’s a pretty girl who could sing well, so how dare America get it wrong? I like Pia’s voice — never detected much musical intrigue from her, but I suppose that’s what production teams are for. The way she’s still kind of a big deal as the ultimate Idol underdog is fascinating enough that I would play her album right away just to see… well, whether personality matters, I guess. Whether a team of pop-bot specialists could really manage to churn out a total “package artist” (hi Kara!) from a talented, kind soul with super-shiny hair. I don’t know! I hope so. It happens all the time. Look at Girls Aloud. They’re such exquisitely trained robots. I love them!

What about the other season 10-ers, though? If you’re not already a country music fan, do you think you’ll still seek out winner Scotty McCreery’s or runner-up Lauren Alaina’s debut albums, or do you feel like you already know exactly how they’ll sound? I’d pass on Scotty; just not my thing. I’d probably listen to Lauren’s on the Internet or if it magically appeared on my desk. Her wishy-washy act annoyed the hell out of me, but, damn, her voice could be strong. Of course, anyone who read my recaps won’t be surprised that I would actively seek out an album from Haley Reinhart. I might even maneuver my carcass to a MUSIC STORE for that one! Thank god there’s one in my computer. But yeah, my No. 1 answer is Haley. I like interesting female voices (extra throaty = extra credit), and more than any other contestant except mayyyyybe Casey during the Hollywood rounds, Haley twisted around her original instrument the way she wanted to and never let her frequent “tortured animal” vocal runs overwhelm the rest of her performances. There was magic to her madness, I say. She never actually killed any animals!

What about a jazz record from Casey Abrams, or a solo album from Paul McDonald on which he doesn’t feel pressured to make you feel his unnecessary dancing (ft. his specialty, “walk the turtle”) through your speakers? A bilingual collection of Mariah Carey covers from Karen Rodriguez? Church Lady: Unplugged from Jacob Lusk? A children’s album called How I Became a Chocolate Chip Cookie from Stefano Langone? The future is theirs for the taking.

Which season 10 singer’s album would you most want to buy? And whose do you think would actually sell the best?

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