By Kate Ward
Updated July 05, 2011 at 10:34 PM EDT
Credit: Dale Robinette

No doubt, Natalie Portman has had plenty of victories in 2011. In the beginning of this year alone, she snagged a graceful man (fiancé Benjamin Millepied), a little man (a baby boy), and a very little man with big clout known as Oscar. Still, has 2011 proven to be a bad year for the Black Swan star?

That’s what the Hollywood Prospectus blog is claiming, at least. Using Rotten Tomatoes, the blog calculated the post-Oscar movie scores of all the Academy Award-winning actors with 2011 movies (11 in total) to determine which one “tarnished” their Academy Award the most during the course of the year. And which one proved to be the least victorious this year? Portman, who, thanks to No Strings Attached (which scored 48 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), Your Highness (26 percent), and Thor (78 percent), decreased her pre-2011 positive Rotten Tomatoes average 28 percent. (Or, as Hollywood Prospectus calls it, 28 “Cubas,” named for poor Snow Dogs star Cuba Gooding, Jr.)

But don’t feel too bad for Portman — she’s in good company. Acclaimed actor Christoph Waltz placed second, thanks to The Green Hornet (44 percent) and Water for Elephants (60 percent), with Helen Mirren not far behind, thanks to Arthur (27 percent). And then again, you can’t take away the fact that Portman gave us the performance of a lifetime in Black Swan, helped Thor collect $177 million at the box office, and has managed to bounce back since holding Hayden Christiansen on the lake on Naboo. Not too bad if you ask me. Plus, isn’t every Oscar winner allowed a post-award slump? (Ahem, All About Steve!)

What say you, PopWatchers? Does Portman’s solid 2011 come with an asterix attached?

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