July 05, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

I love singing competition shows (I also hate having friends, which works out great). So Justin Timberlake’s rumored plans for a possible Myspace talent show have me intrigued.

The singer/serious actor’s manager Johnny Wright told THR that a talent competition could be in the plans for the Myspace facelift project Timberlake recently signed on for, that will focus on making the social networking elder a destination and platform for new and existing artists. Official plans will be announced at an Aug. 17 press conference, where he will also likely wish me a happy birthday (a dream elf confirms to me).

In all seriousness, word of a possible competition worries me a little bit. In my head, the concept of online-only reality TV content is haunted by the ghost of If I Can Dream, the Hulu experiment that took wanna-be artists like Idol reject Alex Lambert and put them in a Real World-type situation. Remember that? I barely do. What I do recall is that it wasn’t a bad show, it just lacked the level of appeal that would make me watch every week on my computer. Had it been on network TV, it would have been DVR fodder at best, but sticking a reality show in an online-only format took all sense of urgency out of it — down to nil, in fact. Would the effect of an online-only format be even more disastrous for a competition show, where the thrill of the unexpected is often the biggest appeal? Perhaps.

The reason I still find this idea interesting — despite the less-than-thrilling impact of its sort-of predecessor — is that there’s an opportunity here to Trim the Seacrest. Imagine a talent competition experience that’s a mirror of what we all do with the magic of DVR: Just the performances, none of the fluff. No group performances, none of the “after the break” results shows, no Ford commercials between Ford commercials. Sounds kind of…nice. Doesn’t it?

Until the big announcement, I’ll RSVP “Maybe” to this idea. But what do you think, PopWatchers? Can Timberlake bring the sexy back to Myspace with a talent show? Was Myspace ever sexy? What else would you like to see from revamped Myspace? And will the result be better or worse than when Steve Martin’s character dyed his grey hair in Father of the Bride II?

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