I knew it was going to be a great episode of Watch What Happens when I heard White Collar stars Matt Bomer and Tiffani Thiessen were going to be guests. But never in my wildest Saved By the Bell dreams could I have imagined this.

On the show last night, host Andy Cohen (via one of his Twitter followers) challenged Thiessen to do a Bayside High School cheer. Quickly, Bomer, wearing his favorite pair of glasses (that always make us all regret he wasn’t cast in Superman), volunteered to do it along with her. But a giggly Theissen replied, “I don’t even know it!” Thankfully, he did!

Watch Bomer’s cheer below. (It’s toward the end of the highly entertaining clip.) And tell me, PopWatchers, is anyone else quickly adding “Knows cheers for fictional TV high schools” to their dream-guy requirements?

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