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Horrible Bosses won’t hit theaters until July 8, but the R-rated comedy starring Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day as three friends who decide to try to off each other’s soul-crushing superiors held its premiere in Los Angeles Thursday night. We asked cowriters Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (yes, Bones and Freaks and Geeks fans, he’s a screenwriter too) to pen a list of the five best and five worst moments of their evening. Having an eye for comedy, they naturally chose to lead with the bad…

The 5 Worst Moments

1. Having to pull over the stretch limo on the way to Grauman’s Chinese so that John’s girlfriend’s car-sick mother could throw up.

2. Being asked on the red carpet by a reporter from a Spanish-language station if we spoke Spanish. We replied, “un poco” and she launched into a lengthy question in Spanish. After a beat, we smiled and said, “si.” The reporter looked angry.

3. Learning that Joey Lawrence was at the premiere and not getting his autograph.

4. At the after-party, accidentally sloshing a gin and tonic onto the Variety reporter who was interviewing us. He looked angry.

5. Sitting next to our parents as Jennifer Aniston’s character tells Charlie Day’s, “You’re going to #!@* my #%$ little *!@%.”

The 5 Best Moments

1. Stepping out of the limo onto the red carpet and hearing fans scream excitedly from across Hollywood Blvd. too far away to see that we were just the writers.

2. Free popcorn and soda in the lobby. That’s ten dollars savings right there.

3. Hearing 1,400 people laugh at scenes that one year ago existed only in our laptops.

4. Free drinks and food at the party. Another thirty dollars saved!

5. Joey Lawrence.

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