In praise of Ryan Reynolds, some additions to our ''Most Shocking Deaths'' article, and more

By EW Staff
July 01, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Ryan of All Trades
Aside from the obvious (he’s totally hot!), I now have another reason to be obsessed with Ryan Reynolds — he’s a great writer! Who knew that underneath that ”smoldering gaze” was a master of self-deprecation and snark just waiting to get out? If the movie thing doesn’t work out for some reason, he definitely has another career option to fall back on.
Jay McManus
Charlotte, N.C.

Compromised Vision
Thank you, Mark Harris, for stating in The Final Cut something I’ve been saying since 3-D films became a trend: They are merely a money-sucking gimmick not worth the extra three dollars (which, I suspect, is what 3-D stands for). Instead of an incredible visual experience, all we end up with are blurred images, headaches, and a lighter wallet.
Kevin Hosey

Mark Harris makes a valid point about repurposed 2-D movies and pointless 3-D sequels diminishing the standard set by Avatar. But please don’t overlook Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams, where 3-D is both an indispensable storytelling device and a jaw-dropping visual feast.
Bill Graff
Rockville, Md.

Cruel Joke
Kudos for speaking out against the tired and unfunny homophobic humor in TV and movies (News and Notes). Writers and performers, please stop using these ”jokes” as cheap shots and come up with real humor.
Patricia Elder
Fairplay, Calif.

As a comic and actor, I am deeply troubled by Hollywood’s insistence that we start apologizing for our art. We choose and crucify certain ”offenders” for ludicrous reasons, depending on the hot topic of the day. A hater is going to hate. A comedy lover will simply laugh and move on.
Craig Ward
San Diego

In Their Prime
Every year, I get excited when I see your Emmy ballot wish list (TV). While I’m ecstatic that you included Fringe, where was True Blood? It had an involving and politically oriented narrative last season. In other categories, The Big C‘s Laura Linney was most deserving, and with Bryan Cranston out of the running, Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall ought to win.
Jason Kramer
Tuxedo Park, N.Y.

Ken Tucker was right-on in picking Justified‘s Timothy Olyphant and Margo Martindale. But what about Walton Goggins for supporting actor in a drama? His portrayal of likable criminal Boyd Crowder is one to behold.
John Bacha
Colonia, N.J.

Best supporting actor in a comedy? The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki. He does more with his expressions than many actors do with their lines. I’m starting his Emmy campaign!
Jack Bennett
Slinger, Wis.

More TV’s Most Shocking Deaths
Not only were readers bowled over by Ned’s execution on Game of Thrones (News and Notes), they were dumbfounded that we didn’t acknowledge these untimely passings in the sidebar to our story.

Henry Blake
Died March 18, 1975
”I will never forget the emotional impact of Alan Alda’s tears.”
Stephen Riley

Caitlin Todd
Died May 24, 2005
”I still recall the calm, followed by the bullet to her head. Still sends shivers!”
Gina M. McDonald
Millersburg, Pa.

James Evans
Good Times
Died March 2, 1976
”His death took away the example for many black families of how to remain a family while struggling.”
David King
Snow Hill, Md.

Gary Shepard
Died Feb. 12, 1991
”Several friends and relatives called me bawling during the episode.”
Alison Worden
Thompson’s Station, Tenn.

Mrs. Landingham
The West Wing
Died May 9, 2001
”She was a constant presence, but we never understood how much we loved her until we learned of her death.”
Brad Savage
Columbus, Ohio

The Beverly Hillbillies’ savvy banker was named Milburn Drysdale (”Why I’m Obsessed With Ryan Reynolds”).