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EW has confirmed that Disney and Marvel Studios are planning to release a sequel to this summer’s hit superhero film Thor on July 26, 2013. That puts the sequel only a couple months behind Iron Man 3, another Marvel film currently slated for a May 3, 2013 release. According to a report in Deadline, Kenneth Branagh will not return to direct Thor 2; Marvel Studios would not comment on Branagh’s participation, or lack thereof, at this time. At the film’s premiere in Los Angeles, however, Branagh was demure when asked about a Thor sequel. “You hear about people saving things for film two or three,” the director told EW. “I don’t understand that at all. I put it all in there if I thought it’d help the film be better. You can think of stuff for two or three later, if you get the chance to do them. But you won’t if one isn’t good enough.”

We can expect to learn more about the Thunder God’s sequel at Comic-Con, but for now, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves by trying to guess the film’s non-numeric sequel title. Thor: Lord of Asgard? Thor: Journey Into Mystery? Thor: Ragnarok?

(Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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