There were actual tears shed in living rooms across the country when those Google ads first started rolling—especially Google Chrome spot featuring Lady Gaga‘s Brooklyn bridge-running, fan-uniting “Edge of Glory” clip.

Once you’ve scored the services of one of the biggest pop stars in the universe, anybody else is going to be a step down. Unless, of course, you recruit the Biebs.

His version of the Google Chrome ad, starring some very early footage of him singing, playing a keyboard, and banging on drums and moving all the way through his massive arena tour, is after the jump.

While it does certainly tell the now-legendary tale of Bieber’s ascent from small-town Canadian dreamer to international superstar, it doesn’t quite have the same punch as Gaga’s (or especially the one constructed for Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project).

Those were both encouraging people to use the Internet to come together as a community and play off one another for a greater good, while Bieber’s appears to encourage people to put stuff on YouTube so they can get discovered by Usher (which, while certainly a worthwhile goal, seems unlikely to happen a second time).

What do you think? Does the ad fall a little short of the heartstring-tugging majestry of the others that came before it? Or is there something more going on here? Sound off in the comments!