Credit: E!

Team Coco better call for backup, because Chelsea Handler is coming for them. According to ratings reports, Chelsea Lately surpassed His Gingerness in ratings for the first time in June, averaging 959,000 to Conan‘s 851,000.

A number of half-baked theories could be used as reasons why ratings fell in Handler’s favor this month (Pilot buzz? Book/tour success?), but one thing is clear: She’s doing something right.

I was tardy to Chelsea’s late-night, booze-soaked party. But once I arrived, I found myself simultaneously shocked and appreciative — shocked by the amount of bad language and rated-R conversation topics (pearls = clutched) and appreciative of her candidness, especially with celebrities. (Among my faves? When she semi-mocked Justin Bieber’s hair wiggle.)

Admittedly, the celebrity portion is usually the part I tune in for. In addition to her calling out people on douche-tastic behavior, it’s become a game of sorts for celebrities to make Handler squirm. (Pharrell offered her… what?). It’s uncomfortable at times, often awkward, but mostly just different — albeit pleasantly raunchy. I can appreciate that. I’d even consider myself a proud member of the non-lame, Chelsea Handler-equivalent of Team Coco — The Handle Bars, perhaps? Team Hanandler? The Chelsea Peers?

What do you think, readers? Why are people suddenly more interested in Chelsea Lately than Conan?

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