June 30, 2011 at 07:01 PM EDT

It’s official: Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will all return to The Voice next season.

And that’s good news, because even though Javier Colon walked away with the MVP title, a hit single, and a bunch of confetti stuck to his head, the show was really all about the judges. This season played like a Wizard of Oz for each team leader.

Adam Levine got a heart. Watch the former Voice bully get a little misty-eyed during Javier’s performance with Stevie Nicks!

Christina Aguilera showed some brains. After her national anthem flub and arrest for public intoxication, it was nice to hear her speaking somewhat knowledgeably about pitch. Or when talking quite didn’t work, opening her mouth and letting that powerhouse, pull-that-microphone-away-from-your-mouth-girl! voice do the talking.

Cee Lo Green got a personality. Sure, his hit song “F— You” was already mega-famous, but middle America didn’t really understand who this country-music-loving, electro-soul-singing Liberace of Pop was until the show premiered and he waved his superfreak flag high above his bald head.

And Blake Shelton got a name. Yes, country fans always knew him well. But now maybe pop fans will stop calling him Mr. Miranda Lambert.

The Voice was supposed to get pop stars to help out unknowns, but it seemed things worked the other way around. Watching them mentor their singers, it was easier to remember that Levine, Aguilera, Shelton, and Green were once unknowns themselves, and that they could very easily go back to that place. (Aguilera almost did this year, before her relevance was rescued by the show, just like the credibility of a certain Idol diva.)

Somehow, that made it easier to root for their careers, perhaps because they seemed more human, or at least as human as a roaring, red-leather dinosaur decked out in shoulder spikes can be. And nothing boosts their reputations quite like giving a second chance to a onetime major label guy like Javier Colon, who can belt out a ballad like Ne-Yo, but has the same nothing-special personality of the guy who sells vests at J. Crew. Pop stars: if they’re not just like us, at least they want people like us to succeed.

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